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Small info

Hello.I’m human too. Welcome to my website.

Born male in 1990 , grew up in Bucharest currently living near the capital of Romania.

I finished high-school trying to get to an art college. Never finished one but i’ve been to many. Most of it i learnt from the internet.

I got interested in photography in high-school after i learnt Adobe Photoshop to learn to make graphics for a game i played.

Music came into my life very early, my parents had a “discoteca”. I grew-up in the bar and in that “discoteca”. I remember hearing pop 90s music till i was able to change the records myself and with the boom of the internet my tastes diversified.

My love and interest for graphics grew with my needs. As a kids a played a lot of games and one time i needed a cool photo with my nickname on it, i searched for a way to make one and i found about Adobe Photoshop. The rest is a lot of tutorials and a lot of time. After i found other cools programs to edit and draw.

My skills

Photography 95%
Djing 90%
Graphic Design 85%
Music Production 65%

workin' on this skills

Sound Design 49%
Video Editing 42%
Game Design 45%
Coding 35%

Meet the end.